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New 2018 Softail Motorcycles

May 25, 2018

New 2018 Softail Motorcycles

The new 2018 Softail Motorcycles from have arrived, and they’ve come with a few surprises as a result of the new custom revolution at Harley-Davidson. 

They’ve been trimmed down to lighter, sturdier frames, designed with more attractive styling than ever before, and three bikes from the Dyna family the Fat Bob, Street Bob, and Low Rider have even made their way over to the Softail lineup, and the result is impressive. We’ve got new and in-stock Softail models here, so when you’re ready to ride off with one of these fantastic motorcycles, you know where to look. Come on in and schedule a test ride, and we’d be happy to help you find the bike of your dreams.

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inline_x2f4ca579b12f2b65d58cd1de699fee9_daff777c7e45.jpgFat Boy® 114

Built with bigger styles and more efficient components, the Fat Boy 114 is the motorcycle you need if you’re looking for more of everything. The solid-disc wheels are beefed up, along with the 240mm rear tire, which is big enough to send a message while also tearing up the pavement at an incredible rate. This is all backed up by an enormous MIlwaukee-Eight V-Twin 114 engine. It’s the most powerful motor to ever appear on a Softail® motorcycle, and you get even more out of it now thanks to the 31 pound cut in weight on the Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy.

inline_n9ee28fe478b147388cd49a39c920788_f24b4efff55d.jpgHeritage Classic 114

In previous years, the Harley-Davidson® Heritage Classics were a nostalgic motorcycle that recreated all the styles you loved about Softail motorcycles of old. But now, they’ve enhanced this timeless styling with some blacked out components that pair intensity with the throwback look. If you want to strike fear in the eyes of onlookers when you tear down the road, then this beast is the motorcycle for you.


Some motorcycles just need to be left be, and the Harley-Davidson® Deluxe, which has been perfect for so many years, has only been enhanced with more elegant styling and added power. It still has the white wall tires, swept fenders, spoke wheels, and touch of chrome, just like you’re used to seeing. But now, there’s a Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine at its heart, which beefs this bike up with more power than you expect, even from modern standards.

inline_dc8fb4820dbde5bd42456ac33e36df80_894c44410fb5.jpgSoftail Slim®

Harley-Davidson took the same styles from the Softail® Slim, and just kept doing what they know riders love. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, performance-focused motorcycle, then you know that the Slim is the best choice. Period. This year, it’s even more energised, thanks to a 35 pound drop in weight, along with extra power issuing from that unstoppable Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine.

inline_c0c4737a191579da55c0dd215660658d_39bc40f00003.jpgBreakout® 114

Subtlety doesn’t belong on a motorcycle. If you want to make a statement, then you need to shout your message loud and clear, and you can only do that with a bike like the Harley-Davidson® Breakout 114. This motorcycle features a narrow frame and longer wheelbase, which call attention to those double spoke wheels and 240mm rear tire. You also have your choice in displacement, so you can choose between either the Milwaukee-Eight 107 or 114 V-Twin when purchasing this bike.


Fat Bob® 114

The Fat Bob 114 was too unstoppable to stay in one family, so it made its way into the Softail lineup, while still holding onto many of its Dyna roots. It’s stronger than ever before, featuring a Milwaukee-Eight 114® engine, and moves incredibly fast thanks to a lighter, stiffer frame. It also looks great on the Softail chassis, as its aggressive features and no-nonsense look are perfectly suited for that classic “hardtail” design.

inline_xa0846d8be6f36b7fe692c59baa86def_8e93c8e1acfe.jpgStreet Bob®

The Harley-Davidson® Street Bob has migrated to the Softail lineup after spending many years with Dyna, and with how great it looks on this new frame, it was a perfect choice. It’s stronger than ever before, thanks to a lighter, more durable frame, and features indicative of the new custom revolution like mini-ape handlebars and optional wire spoke wheels ensure you’ll always feel like the best everywhere on the road.

inline_t64748c744d017620ee513aa0c64f1f6_bfde60f7c50c.jpgLow Rider®

A rider craves to get in touch with the road, and there’s no better way to do that than with a high quality bike that rides lower than any other model. The Low Rider an ex Dyna member—is now part of the Softail family, and thanks to ‘70s-inspired graphics, a new wheel design, and dual tank mounted gauges, it’s one of the most attractive motorcycles on the road. The lower profile means you won’t just ride in style, but also with confidence, which is even further enhanced by the lighter frame and more powerful engine.

There are so many great bikes this year from Harley-Davidson, so don’t wait any longer. Come on in and take one for a test ride today!


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