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Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™

May 25, 2018

Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™

You may not be able to fly without getting on a helicopter or airplane, but the all-new Harley-Davidson Street Rod™ provides the closest experience possible on two wheels. This redesigned, reengineered motorcycle has jaw-dropping power and looks that turn heads. And while motorcycles with this much power aren’t always the most agile machines, the Street Rod handles like a dream. This is a motorcycle for anyone who has ever wanted to be able to tear up the city streets and then power down country roads with equal ease. Test rides are happening now.

If you’re ready to check out the Street Rod for yourself, stop by Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson in Elgin, South Carolina. Our dealership and showroom serve the cities of Rock Hill, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Greenville.

Incomparable Style

Attitude and Harley-Davidson are almost synonymous, and the 2017 Street Rod has more attitude than you’ll know what to do with. Even the wheels and motor are blacked out. Harley-Davidson took a major departure from their usual chrome features. The bike features Dark Custom™ styling, which provides blacked out components and an obsessive attention to detail. The Screamin’ Eagle® Buckshot Exhaust lets out the legendary Harley-Davidson growl. Up front, the Daymaker Projector LED headlight illuminates around corners and through the thickest fog. Drag style handlebars have bar-end mirrors and Diamond Black hand grips. The more you look at this bike, the more detailing you’ll see. The fuel tank is trimmed in glossy black, while even the axle nut covers are blacked out. If you prefer to add your own spin to the looks, you can also customize the bike through the dealership.

Elite Performance and Handling

These bikes aren’t just meant to look pretty, though. The engineers went back to the drawing board to squeeze even more power and efficiency out of the engine. The result is the 750 cc High Output Revolution X™ which uses a 12:1 compression ratio and redlines at 9,000 rpm. This higher-than-average compression ratio helps to burn the fuel more completely, meaning a cleaner burn and more power.

What sets this bike apart from some of the heavy-weight models is its surprising handling. The engineers went with 43 mm inverted front fork suspension, while in the back they used a piggyback reservoir rear suspension. This helps to keep power to the pavement even through hard turns. You can make hard turns, thanks in part to another innovation from Harley-Davidson. The engineers shifted the riding posture to allow for a 40 degree angle of lean into corners. Winding roads provide no problems for this bike.

Join the Harley-Davidson Movement

Harley-Davidson has been making motorcycles for more than a century and they’ve survived numerous economic downturns that other American manufacturers couldn’t survive. They were able to do this through a loyal fan base and a continued commitment to redesigning and reinventing what the American motorcycle can be. From the power, to the looks, to the handling and performance, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are better than they’ve ever been, and people are starting to notice. You can join the special club of people who have learned the pure pleasure of riding a Harley when you sign up for a test ride today.

Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson is located near Columbia, South Carolina, and serves Rock Hill, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Greenville. Stop by when you’re ready to see the Street Rod in all its glory!

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