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Staying Warm While You Ride

May 25, 2018

Staying Warm While You Ride

Wearing the right gear while you’re on your motorcycle means the difference between a fun ride through the city or afternoon suffering in the wet or cold. And there’s more to consider than just staying dry, as a lot of rain gear can also lead to overheating and sweating through the layers underneath your waterproof gear. Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson wants your next cold or rainy weather ride to be safe and comfortable, which is why we’ve put together a list of gear suggestions and other recommendations to keep in mind the next time you’re getting ready to ride through stormy weather. Visit our dealership, in Columbia, SC, near Rock Hill, and Myrtle Beach, and let our staff show you through our available cold weather riding gear!

Wearing the Right Gear

Staying warm when you ride starts before you ever throw a leg over your bike. Make sure you own the right riding gear to keep yourself comfortable on the road, starting with your underlayers. Wear an extra layer beneath your riding gear, for some added insulation, fleece or wool are the best insulators, but cotton can do a fair job as well, so long as it stays dry. Your riding gear should be vented just in case you start to overheat, as this will prevent you from having to pull over and completely strip a layer off. If it’s chilly and wet, then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a good rain suit ready in your saddlebags, including a set of gaiters if your boots aren’t already waterproofed. When you’re trying to stay warm while you ride leaving the half helmet behind in favor of a full face helmet does wonders for your comfort, and having a good set of gloves can keep your fingers from turning frigid.

Outfitting your Bike

Having your bike equipped to handle the cold can make a big difference on the road. First off, having saddlebags will allow you to carry your rain gear, which is going to be a big plus. A windscreen will also make a huge difference when you ride, we’ve got a great selection of HD® detachables windshields for every Harley-Davidson family so any bike can provide some extra defense against the wind. Finally if you’ve got a good set of gloves, but want to hedge your bets against the cold, check out a set of heated riding grips for your bike. Our Harley-Davidson heated grips will install easily and don’t interrupt the style of your bike thanks to the internal wiring.

Staying Dry

Evaporation is one of the most effective cooling processes in existence, if you want to avoid experience this phenomenon first hand, then you’ll probably want to stay dry while you ride. Obviously, a rain suit is your first line of defense against water on the road, however you should also adopt some smart riding practices. Avoid riding near the center line where cars in the opposing lane will kick up spray that impedes your vision and covers you in water, and keep clear of puddles that will send a drenching torrent of water up your pant legs. If, despite your best efforts, you wind up a little damp, it’s not a bad idea to pack some waterproof bags with an extra set of clothes (or socks at the very least), so you can warm up when you get off the road.

Make sure your riding gear is vented, so you can layer up beneath without overheating or sweating through. A good set of gloves will also go a long way towards keeping your hands warm and dry and a set of saddlebags means you’ll have the extra room to pack along any additional cold or wet weather gear you might need. For more tips on how to stay warm and dry while you ride this winter, visit Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson and ask us in person! Our dealership is located near Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina.

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