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The All-New 2018 Harley-Davidson® Sport Glide®

May 25, 2018

The All-New 2018 Harley-Davidson® Sport Glide®

Just in time for the new year, Harley-Davidson released the all-new 2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide, one of their greatest motorcycles to date. The Sport Glide was made for the modern versatile rider. It has everything you’ll need for your everyday lifestyle: the smooth style you’ll want from a cruiser and maneuverability from a commuter bike to the power and endurance of a touring bike, not to mention a brand new engine. Over at Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson, we have the Sport Glide in our showroom right now for you to view and test and, trust us, you won’t want to skip out on this opportunity. We serve the areas of Columbia, Aiken, Rock Hill, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Redesigned Softail Frame

The Sport Glide is the latest in the Softail family, one of the best and most popular lines of motorcycles from Harley-Davidson. They’re best known for their distinctive style and superior performance. They feature the unique Softail hidden monoshock rear suspension to give you cleaner lines and better handling. The Sport Glide takes this to the next level by making its frame 34% stiffer and much, much lighter. This means you’ll have a bike that’s more responsive and more thoroughly in your control, no matter how tight the turn, how hard the line, or how severe the angle. You’ll have superior handling in all these situations. But even with the lightweight body, the Sport Glide also has high performance suspension necessary for any extra cargo you may need on your longer trips.

Milwaukee-Eight Engine

The heart and soul of the Sport Glide is the all-new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, a superior piece of machinery with over a century of development packed into its gears. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine provides massive torque to the Sport Glide and the electronically fuel injected V-Twin engine provides faster response from 0-60 mph and from 60-80 mph than previous Softail engines. It’s also completely counterbalanced so you’ll get all the power and all the growl from an engine that kicks out minimal vibrations. It’s also got a slimmed down design to fit the even sleeker Sport Glide so you won’t have a bulky engine sticking out of your modern ride.

Touring Ready

The Sport Glide is also built to do its fair share of touring, all while keep a sleek, cruiser style. The lighter stature makes the bike more agile and easier to handle on long trips. The mini-fairing takes some of the wind assault off your body and the low-vibration Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine will keep your ride smooth no matter how fast you’re going. To accommodate any extra luggage, the Sport Glide comes equipped with hard-side locking saddlebags to keep all your cargo safe. If you need to slim down for some smooth cruising, the saddlebags and the mini-fairing are removable. Wherever your day may take you, the Sport Glide will make sure you get to where you need to go.

Technology with Style

And what would a brand new Harley bike be without the latest and greatest in technology and style? The Sport Glide comes standard with the newest motorcycle technologies, including the LED forward-lighting system and keyless ignition. While all Harley-Davidson motorcycles are customizable, the Sport Glide gets you started with blacked out Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, blacked out mufflers, and Mantis cast aluminum wheels.

The Sport Glide is just the latest installment in a long line of iconic motorcycles from Harley-Davidson. With over a century of experience, they’ve managed to crank out superior bike after superior bike, and the Sport Glide is just the next step. If you want to be part of this legacy and check out the Sport Glide for yourself, stop by Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson to see it up close or take it for a test drive. We proudly serve the areas of Columbia, Aiken, Rock Hill, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.